Waddesdon Manor Pavilion Signage




Waddesdon Manor was built over a century ago by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild, as a place to entertain guests at his famous ‘Saturday to Monday’ house parties. Now open to the public, the house and gardens exhibit the Rothschilds’ extensive art collection. The property has recently undergone an overhaul of its facilities, incorporating a new ticketing pavilion in the grounds designed by Carmody Groarke.

We were commissioned to design the signage in and around this new pavilion. We developed a new set of pictograms and produced them in patinated brass, as a subtle reference to the stylistic flourishes popular during the Manor’s heyday. Pin-mounted to the walls and doors, they create a clear and elegant signage system for the building that does not rely on text – a key requirement for the visitors to the Manor, many of whom are international tourists.