A Practice for Everyday Life

The New Art of Cooking by Frankie Unsworth proposes a detail-oriented approach to food preparation and presentation, reflecting on the truism that ‘we eat with our eyes’. The book offers guidance on a range of different techniques and approaches to cooking and serving, with a range of new, contemporary interpretations of classic recipes, alongside photography by Kristin Perers.

Our design for the book reflects Unsworth’s eye for detail and the compositions within her cookery. The typography on the cover was chosen to evoke classic French cookbooks, but with small adjustments for a more contemporary feel: adding a more characterful lower-case ‘r’ and setting the ‘o’s at an angle. We art directed the cover photography to emphasise the bright colours of the food against an airy backdrop. Inside, two grids are used to differentiate the food styling section at the front of the book from the recipes at the back. Columns of text are staggered throughout to create a layout with lots of white space, and the typefaces used are Cormorant Garamond, an elegant serif that recalls classic cookbooks, and Founders Grotesk Mono.