A Practice for Everyday Life

The Happy Hypocrite was an journal of art writing, founded by Maria Fusco and published by Book Works across twelve issues between 2008–21. Inspired and informed by avant-garde magazines such as Bananas, Documents, The Fox, Merlin and Tracks, it includes new writing and research-based projects from artists, writers and theorists expressing experimental ideas.

The design of the journal has a strong bias toward typography, to reflect the written nature of the contributions, and a range of different layouts and typefaces are used throughout to highlight the diversity of the works included. The title typeface used for every issue is bespoke, and was redrawn from an example of cast concrete brutalist type we came across on the facade of a bank in Lisbon. Our design for The Happy Hypocrite was nominated for Designs of the Year 2010 by Rick Poynor.