A Practice for Everyday Life

This pressed vinyl was produced as an artist’s edition for Leonor Antunes in 2019. The edition documents a sound piece based on six of the sculptural brass works she created for the last days in Galliate, her commission at Pirelli HangarBicocca earlier that year.

The lavender colour, which is consistent across the sleeve, the inner case and the pressed vinyl itself, is derived from a tone within the musical composition. Typography throughout echoes that which we designed for the exhibition catalogue, and the use of white space and asymmetrical typography on the cover responds to the composition of the artworks themselves. A portrait of Italian architect Franca Helg by Heinz Peter Knes is attached to the sleeve with a paper staple, and a small edition number is included on a handwritten note from Antunes inside, emphasising the ephemeral quality of the edition as a whole.