A Practice for Everyday Life

Faye Toogood is a British designer who creates furniture, interior installations and environments. Her furniture and objects are grouped together into ‘assemblages’ according to the materials and processes that dominate her thinking at a particular time. We designed a simple logotype which emphasises the shapes Toogood explores in her work. This new logo compliments a refined version of the existing geometric Studio Toogood emblem, which we reconfigured as a more elegant and minimal composition, using only the square, circle and triangle.

We designed a simple, elegant website to showcase each of the assemblages. Based on a designer’s shelf of inspiration, the site employs side-scrolling navigation and, alongside the finished pieces, also displays working sketches and images of inspiration. We also designed a series of publications, building upon the visual language created for the identity. Each Assemblage publication is numbered; the cover is an illustration of the number using the materials from that collection.