A Practice for Everyday Life

Earth Moon Water was created to accompany Faye Toogood’s first solo exhibition in New York, Assemblage 5, at Friedman Benda in spring 2017. The book documents the creative process behind the collection she created for the exhibition. Many of the objects in Assemblage 5 are inspired by Toogood's experience of visiting Matisse’s Chapelle du Rosaire de Vence in the South of France, and the collection is influenced by notions of ritual.

The book is divided into three sections, and exploits various different printing processes and paper stocks to embody the ideas, materiality and spirit of the collection. The translucent jacket sits over the book like a layer of patination, echoing the process used for the Moon pieces in the collection; the title type is printed on the inside of the jacket and mirrored, allowing the exterior surface of the jacket to remain type-free and pristine like a prayer book. The cover of the book itself features a gestural pattern which references the lino prints which illustrate the catalogue. The book’s contents have a more primal, ritual feeling, using three different paper stocks. Caslon is used for text throughout as a nod to the classic typography of prayer books and bibles.