A Practice for Everyday Life

Brazilian graphic artist Andrés Sandoval often creates book-based artworks to facilitate his exploration of visual language, repetition and mark-making. His publication, Periferia, tells a wordless story in which the rhythms and patterns of the city of São Paolo are recreated through the hand-stamping of repetitive motifs of buildings, people, automobiles and abstract forms.

We were commissioned to work with Sandoval to develop this artist’s book. We decided to celebrate the parallels between rubber stamping and the process of movable type printing, which resulted in the creation of a bespoke display typeface, Periferia, for the yellow cover. The textural imperfections of the stamping process add character and a hand-rendered sensibility to the cover, and the removable folded format protects and preserves the inner concertina of pages, so that the book can either be read like a book or displayed open on a shelf.