A Place for the Work and the Human Being




For 2019, Glasgow-based visual arts organisation The Common Guild presented a programme of talks by artists, architects, curators and cultural producers. The title of the programme is borrowed from the subtitle of a text by Swiss artist Rémy Zaugg, The Art Museum of My Dreams (1986), and is suggestive of a request for something that we should demand. The talks explored the needs, expectations and possibilities of the space for art today, and were held in a range of venues across Glasgow.

Our design draws upon the graphic language of protest and the manifesto, and also references the visual style of Zaugg’s artworks – bold, uppercase texts on rectangular canvases, in bright colours. The title of the programme is set in Baton, whose narrow proportions and eccentric shapes combine the character of vernacular typography with the simplicity of modern sans serifs. The flyers are riso printed in a complementary palette of colours. We also developed a simple, adaptable signage solution using boards, which can be installed without fixtures within the various event venues.