11 September 2015

Refugee Crisis – A Call to Action

An open letter has been printed in today’s edition of the Guardian newspaper, calling on the UK Government to take urgent action and step up to offer meaningful support and refuge to those involved in the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe. We designed the letter, and support its message.

Anish Kapoor, one of the organisers of the open letter, told the Guardian: “I was motivated by a sense of outrage against our doctrinaire government, which had been so grossly unjust.”

“We have taken the view that it is better to have an influence on policy than send direct aid – we hope to apply pressure to change the government’s position. Although sadly I doubt we will, we believe public opinion is with us. We’re trying to voice empathy on behalf of this country, and critique a government that’s not representing its people. Hopefully we’ll make a dent.”

The letter is accompanied by an article, which is also available online here.