A Practice for Everyday Life

A Practice for Everyday Life is a graphic design studio based in London. Our work includes art direction, identities, publications, exhibitions, type design, signage, packaging, and digital. We have built a reputation as an internationally renowned and sought-after collaborator through our work with like-minded companies, galleries, institutions and individuals, and we work with a conceptual rigour that ensures each design is meaningful and original.

The APFEL Type Foundry publishes a growing library of typefaces developed through visual, textual and experiential research. The Foundry also offers a bespoke type design service, through which the studio accepts commissions for typeface design, logotype design and custom cuts of APFEL typefaces for context-specific use.

The APFEL Shop offers products, publications and prints available through our store.

37 Temple Street
London E2 6QQ
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+44 (0)20 7739 9975

Kirsty Carter, Founding Director
Emma Thomas, Founding Director
Daniel Griffiths, Director
Joanna Rutter, Design Director
Olivia Diaz, Senior Designer
Matt Kay, Designer
Eugenia Luchetta, Designer
Laura Russell, Studio & Project Assistant

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