A Practice for Everyday Life

A Practice for Everyday Life is a multidisciplinary studio for art direction, graphic design and type design. We collaborate with global brands, cultural institutions, and contemporary artists on a diverse range of projects, spanning art direction, brand identity, editorial design, exhibitions, digital and type design. Through dialogue and investigation, we sensitively explore each project’s distinctive values to provide meaningful and innovative design for culture and commerce.

The APFEL Type Foundry publishes a growing library of typefaces developed through visual, textual and experiential research. The Foundry also offers a bespoke type design service, through which the studio accepts commissions for typeface design, logotype design and custom cuts of APFEL typefaces for context-specific use.

The APFEL Shop offers products, publications and prints available through our store.

37 Temple Street
London E2 6QQ
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+44 (0)20 7739 9975

Kirsty Carter, Founding Director
Emma Thomas, Founding Director
Daniel Griffiths, Director
Joanna Rutter, Design Director
Olivia Diaz, Senior Designer
Claudio Fabbro, Senior Designer
Matt Kay, Designer
Tom Young, Designer
Betsy Greaves, Designer
Billy Paterson, Junior Designer
Laura Russell, Studio & Project Assistant

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