8 September 2016

Laus Award Winners

The results of this year’s Laus awards have been announced, and we are delighted to have been awarded two prizes: our design for the Linder publication for Ridinghouse and Modern Art Stuart Shave won a Gold Award, and we also won a Bronze Award for Douglas Coupland: Bit Rot for Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art. Both projects will also be added to the collection of the Barcelona Design Museum. We are very excited that our projects were selected—thank you!

Laus Award Winners


22 June 2016

Vote remain!

The EU referendum is almost upon us, and we will be voting ‘in’.

Campaigning ahead of the vote has reached fever pitch, and there are clearly a lot of issues at stake and strong opinions on both sides. For us, the decision was a simple one. We are proud of Britain’s creative and cultural heritage, and its position as a leading creative force in the world—a position that would be under serious threat if we leave the EU. We’re also proud to be a part of this diverse group of countries working together, and believe leaving would be a serious step backwards.

Isolating ourselves from our neighbours is never the answer: we are stronger when we work together. Let’s maintain that collaborative spirit.

The polls will be opening tomorrow at 7am and stay open till 10pm, and hopefully the whole country will be out to have their say. Don’t forget to get out and vote!


12 May 2016

Ducksoup Cookbook:

The Wisdom of Simple Cooking

We’ve just designed our first cookbook! Published this month, The Wisdom of Simple Cooking is the first book by Claire Lattin and Tom Hill, founders of the tiny Soho-based neighbourhood restaurant Ducksoup. We were commissioned by publishers Square Peg to design the book, working in close collaboration with Claire, Tom and photographer Kristin Perers.

The food at Ducksoup is both simple and beautiful, with the very best of ingredients thoughtfully combined and sensitively presented—an approach we wanted to echo in the book’s design, with folded chapter openers offering a peek at the beautiful photography overleaf, and putty-coloured paper sections for the essays scattered amongst the recipes. Ducksoup Cookbook: The Wisdom of Simple Cooking is out now, you can buy a copy of the book here

Photograph opposite by
Kristin Perers


21 April 2016

D&AD Awards and the Design Week Awards

This week is an important one in the world of design awards — judging is underway for both the D&AD Awards and the Design Week Awards. We were very pleased to be invited onto the jury for both. Emma has been at the Old Truman Brewery, judging the Craft for Design category for D&AD and Kirsty is at the Design Week offices judging their Print Communications submissions.

We’ll have to wait until the ceremonies later in the spring to find out the results, but in the meantime here’s a sneak peek of the D&AD entries laid out for inspection at the Truman Brewery earlier this week (we judged the awards without knowing who the designer was, they remain anonymous, this was one of our favourites)


23 March 2016

Papermaking at James Cropper Mill

We travelled to the Lake District last week for a visit to the James Cropper paper mill with GF Smith, whose Colorplan paper range is one of the many papers produced at the mill. The Burneside Mill has been home to James Cropper PLC since 1845; some of the machinery within is over one hundred years old and still in operation.

We witnessed the paper making process from start to finish, beginning in the laboratory, where new shades are analysed by spectrometer and reproduced as single-sheet paper samples. The technicians explained the colour development process and the impact of metamerism, whereby colours look identical under one kind of light but drastically different in another; an effect we’d experienced many times when matching papers, Pantones or checking proofs in poor light!

Later, we were led to the heart of the action inside the mill itself, and watched as the bales of pulp were mashed and dyed in enormous vats, before being strained, dried, pressed and wound onto spools. It was fascinating to see the raw materials being transformed and to witness the heat, humidity, noise and activity of the colossal machinery at work. Thankyou to GF Smith and James Cropper for such an interesting day out— we will never look at paper quite the same way again.


28 January 2016

Master Rock

There will be a book launch next month for Master Rock, the publication created to accompany an Artangel commission by the artist Maria Fusco. The artwork took the form of a series of performances held inside the Cruachan Power Station in Argyll and Bute, Scotland—a hydroelectric facility housed in a giant artificial cavern, carved into the granite of Ben Cruachan. We designed the book, working with Fusco, Artangel and co-publishers Book Works.

Fusco’s spoken-word performances explore the story of the creation of the power station, which was completed and commissioned in 1965. The tale encompasses Celtic folklore linked to the mountain itself, and the work of the ‘Tunnel Tigers’, the labourers who dug the cavern from the granite. The book launch will be held at the Anatomy Lecture Theatre at King’s College London on 5 February—we hope to see you there.


Book Launch — 27 January 2016

The Happy Hypocrite – Fresh Hell

The eighth issue of The Happy Hypocrite is being celebrated tonight at a special launch event hosted by the journal’s publishers, Book Works.

Titled Fresh Hell, this issue is guest edited by the artist and writer Sophia Al Maria, and explores the subject of oil and the question of sustainability in the context of the internet and contemporary digital culture. We have designed every issue of The Happy Hypocrite, and it was fascinating to work with the diverse editorial contributions Sophia had gathered for Fresh Hell, and to explore her own archive.

The book launch is at Lewisham Arthouse and features a live streaming of a film from a-d-g-z.com that runs continuously twenty-four hours, followed by an introduction to the issue by Sophia Al-Maria and Happy Hypocrite founder Maria Fusco. There will also be a talk with Minka Minio-Paluello of Platform London about art, oil and power.


20 December 2015

Camper – Spring/Summer ’16

The new campaign for Camper’s Spring/Summer ’16 range has just launched, featuring a bespoke typeface we designed for them.

We’ve been working with Camper for several seasons on the graphic design of their campaigns, creating a new typeface for them each time which we used in print adverts, bus and tram graphics and billboards, printed lookbooks and invites. This season’s typeface includes a range of alternate glyphs, which add rhythm to the campaign messages. Read more about the project here.


11 September 2015

Refugee Crisis – A Call to Action

An open letter has been printed in today’s edition of the Guardian newspaper, calling on the UK Government to take urgent action and step up to offer meaningful support and refuge to those involved in the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe. We designed the letter, and support its message.

Anish Kapoor, one of the organisers of the open letter, told the Guardian: “I was motivated by a sense of outrage against our doctrinaire government, which had been so grossly unjust.”

“We have taken the view that it is better to have an influence on policy than send direct aid – we hope to apply pressure to change the government’s position. Although sadly I doubt we will, we believe public opinion is with us. We’re trying to voice empathy on behalf of this country, and critique a government that’s not representing its people. Hopefully we’ll make a dent.”

The letter is accompanied by an article, which is also available online here.


4 September 2015

Douglas Coupland – Bit Rot

Douglas Coupland’s first solo show in Europe opens next week at Witte de With in Rotterdam. 

Accompanying the exhibition we designed the publication, Bit Rot – a collection of Coupland’s short stories and essays.

We designed a custom typographic cover for the book, referencing the title itself, which is a term used to describe the degeneration of digital software over time. The typography and layout reflect the default appearance of early computer bit fonts and displays; this theme of computing and data errors is continued throughout the book, as a continuous stream of text that is interrupted by paper stock changes and typeface glitches. We also worked with Coupland’s own imagery to create the invitations for the exhibition.

Bit Rot is open from 11 September 2015 until 3 January 2016.